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New limited edition Lamborghini coming out, it'll be a modern version of the Countach

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I heard from my dealer that Lambo will be showing a limited edition (around a 100) car which will be a modern version of the Countach. It'll be based on the Aventador but look like a modern Countach. The car is to celebrate the 50 year anniversary of the Countach. Price will be similar to the Sian, not sure when they'll be showing the car. My guess is Quail which is still on but we shall see.
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Russ you will need another new car in a year or so. With all the new ones you buy , you can probably get on the list. If they actually make one that is like the countach, it would probably double in value. Worth looking into. I dont buy new ones so I am dogmeat as far as Lambo is concerned. Lee
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