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New limited edition Lamborghini coming out, it'll be a modern version of the Countach

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I heard from my dealer that Lambo will be showing a limited edition (around a 100) car which will be a modern version of the Countach. It'll be based on the Aventador but look like a modern Countach. The car is to celebrate the 50 year anniversary of the Countach. Price will be similar to the Sian, not sure when they'll be showing the car. My guess is Quail which is still on but we shall see.
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I would seriously consider it
Mortgage your house. That sucker will double in price in the first few weeks.
Thank you for your thoughts. I never ceases to be amazed at the loud opinions of new fanboys that know nothing of Ferrucionor Marcello.
not on my phone browses professor
Have you tried finding desktop mode? Or are you in Apple Hell? I don't know if they deign to allow you such a feature.
This is one of those cars where some of you will be hiring armies to kick you because you can't kick yourself enough that you weren't ready to snatch one up. This, to me, just reeks of "Collectible with a capital si!"
You obviously speak for yourself, because you aren't so imagination-defyingly stupid as to presume to be speaking for everyone, I will credit you enough to assume.
Ah, so my assumption that you were not a presumptuous idiot was correct.

Many things do not feel as good as assuming, then being found correct. It's kind of an intellectual gambit, with different stakes than monetary gambling.

You think anyone can stop a determined sale to a very determined buyer?

"Oops, me car, she was stolen, just a day after me insurance ran oot, it did, and I will be a-searchin' every full-service resort in the Eastern Hemisphere to find 'er I will!"
If the underbody is VERY carefully worked, then the back end won't be hopping around like a rabbit that received a shot of speed to his butt, and a torniquet on his waist prevented it from getting to his upper portions, like the first Countach, but from the wide shovel front end, it looks like plenty of downforce will be up front, but high-mounted air intakes spell rear end lift, even with the little wing.

Not that anyone will ever drive this at speed...
That is one AMAZING rendering! It looks honestly perfect! The perfect Countach homage to the original design prototype. We can only hope it looks this good!
Just think how nice it will look with some flares of the type the original had, and even MORE rubber.
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