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New limited edition Lamborghini coming out, it'll be a modern version of the Countach

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I heard from my dealer that Lambo will be showing a limited edition (around a 100) car which will be a modern version of the Countach. It'll be based on the Aventador but look like a modern Countach. The car is to celebrate the 50 year anniversary of the Countach. Price will be similar to the Sian, not sure when they'll be showing the car. My guess is Quail which is still on but we shall see.
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Damn I was always thinking of the possibility of a modernized Countach. Sucks that it's that exclusive, if it was slightly above SVJ Roadster - level pricing I would seriously consider it. The Countach is such an iconic car but unfortunately is near impossible to drive compared to modern cars. Really looking forward to the re-designed modern look!

It's highly unlikely but I'm really hoping for something like this that keeps the essence of the original while modernizing the car slightly. One can only dream.

Since Ferrari is also planning to come out with a limited F40 Icona special edition car a modernized Countach would fit perfectly into that trend.
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My dealer just basically confirmed that the Countach special/final edition car is happening, really hyped! My guess is for an unveil later this year since SVJs and Sians are still being built until the end of summer.

Lamborghini will reveal two new models powered by its V12 engine this year, as it aims to continue its growth after recording its second-best year of annual sales in 2020.

While no official details of the two V12 products have been released, new Lamborghini boss Stephan Winkelmann told Autocar that one of the machines would feature the electrified supercapacitor system featured on the Sian FKP 37 hypercar. Autocar understands that model is likely to be another limited-run special.

Wait.. TWO new V12 models? What's the second one besides this Countach special edition? Possibly an Aventador SVR final edition with 800hp plus 34hp from the supercapacitor? Maybe even going RWD for this one to save weight? Are both V12 cars going to be $1M+ with only <100 units produced?

Since only one of the two will have the Sian powertrain a Roadster version of that limited Countach edition is out of question I think so it has to be something else?
To be honest both possible variants (SVR model above SVJ and Aventador STO) sound equally as exciting. I do hope that car will be somewhat available to us mortals that aren't able to spend $3M+ on it haha. Another important question would be if these two new V12 products will be fitted with a GPF or not. Any guesses?

As it sounds like the Av replacement is set to be released late next year or 2023 at latest. Winkelmann mentioned in the interview that this year will be "a moment of stabilisation" before Lamborghini "pushes things to the next level" in 2022 so my guess is that means Urus facelift/hybrid + Aventador hybrid replacement next year.
The "preview of Aventador successor" part seems odd since the actual successor is only 1 year away according to that article. What could that be? A hypercar?
Winkelmann also noted that only one of the 2 new V12's will have the supercapacitor technology while the other one won't. So my guess is that the Countach special variant will be without it (which makes sense as a homage and final sendoff to the non-hybrid assisted V12) and the second car could have the supercap as a preview of the upcoming hybrid successor. Price point of that second V12 car will be interesting. Would it make sense for them to do Sian-level pricing for both? That would be a lot of highly limited special editions but knowing Winkelmann it wouldn't surprise me.
Sure this is for the Tribute to the Countach? And not just for a concept car that prefigures the successor of the Aventador?
According to @gb1974 on the other thread it's for the 2M+ countach homage car but we could be seeing another concept teased as well.
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Can anyone post the teaser pic here? Unica keeps crashing for me when starting it since the newest update..
So why exactly did they decide to place this below the Sian with only 800hp when they are both in the few-off segment? Didn't Winkelmann recently state that each new car is supposed to be better than the ones before? The Sian had 785hp from the V12 alone so do the supercaps on this Countach only produce 15hp? Or did they tune down the V12?
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