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Old Guy Garage 01-18-2020 07:29 AM

Decisions, Decisions!
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Decisions, Decisions! What to do?

2008SuperG 01-18-2020 08:28 AM

Now that's a project, assume its a full engine out, interior work, etc. Would be a cool upgrade.

rb640hp 01-20-2020 08:37 AM

Not a decision to be taken lightly, hardware is one thing but then you have the software situation?

Houston 01-20-2020 09:38 AM

Would ultimately be a poor decision in my opinion - but you probably would have a lot of fun with this project.

Old Guy Garage 01-20-2020 09:50 AM

Haven't decided to do it as yet, just have all the parts required.

Can reset the ecu's as well if I decide to go in this direction.

GDF 01-20-2020 11:19 AM

What are you waiting for? Get at it! ;)

lp640_O.C. 01-21-2020 12:02 PM

wow. lots of work, lots of fun....

LamboLP 01-21-2020 12:06 PM

If you have all the parts then you planned on doing the project.

Old Guy Garage 01-21-2020 12:13 PM


Originally Posted by LamboLP (Post 2020084)
If you have all the parts then you planned on doing the project.

Perhaps ;-)

Stimpy 01-21-2020 09:47 PM

There’s a guy on the Lamborghini facebook group that did a manual conversion and twin turbo of a SV. You should look him up.

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