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Colorado 01-26-2019 06:17 PM

Huracan battery tender
Hi, I have a battery tender for Porsche 911. It’s the kind you plug into cigarette hole in console between front seats. It maintains the battery. Can I use the Porsche battery tender in a 2017 lambo huracan? I notice huracan has hole for cigarette lighter in console between seats. Can I plug Porsche battery tender in cigarette hole in huracan for battery maintenance/charge? Thanks

DXM31 01-27-2019 10:40 AM

I don't know about the 12v in the car but the factory charger uses a dongle straight off the battery. I know Battery Tender has the same type of hookup, I use it on my lawn tractor so I just plug it into the dongle. I do remember hearing you cannot use the 12v outlet in the frunk as a way to charge the battery.

Blown SRT 01-27-2019 09:36 PM

Yes, all cars are the same...Lambo no exception. The HP has an always-on plug, but I have heard that that the regular Huracan does you may have to wire directly to battery, if there is no juice with the car off.

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