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VF-Engineering 07-01-2014 03:28 PM

\ VF-Engineering: Hex Flash Aventador LP700 software upgrade /
We are proud to announce and release the latest Hex Flash Aventador LP700 software upgrade.

ECU software in the Aventador was enhanced by Hex Tuning resulting in an addition of 40hp and 40ftlbs of torque. This calibration was developed/tested and measured on a Mustang MD500-AWD chassis dyno using 91 octane. Throttle response and drivers feedback are noticeably enhanced.

Worldwide models are applicable as well as all production year models. Use the contact page to order the Aventador ECU upgrade or have a Hex Tuning technician visit you anywhere in the world.

- Enhanced Throttle response throughout the RPM range
- Increased performance in all driving modes
- Fully reversible, non-invasive
- 4-wheel drive dyno tested on 91 octane

Hex Flash background
Hex Flash works in alliance with industry leaders for the key elements which make up its
knowledge and resource base. Optimal lambda (02) is maintained throughout the rev range
to ensure proper function within tolerances without sacrificing performance.
Working on a variety of modern sports cars such as Audi, BMW, Lotus, Porsche, and VW in joint
and proprietay projects and partnerships with firms in the UK, Switzerland and USA has given
Hex Flash the opportunity to market products in European, USA, and World Markets. Hex Flash
obtains the latest information and has access to new model vehicles as they roll off the
production lines in Germany through OEM connections, clients, and manufacturers’ organiztions.
Hex Flash also provides Supercharger Software tuning in-house for VF-Engineering, Inc.

Lamborghini Aventador LP700
Price: $3800 USD

We are happy to assist with any questions or inquiries. Please contact us at:
phone: 714-528-0066
email: [email protected]

VF-Engineering 10-21-2014 11:48 AM

Please PM, Email or call for pricing today. We offer same day turn around on our Hex Flash Software.

GallardoM5 06-19-2019 01:33 PM

hi can anyone give feedback on this tune for the Aventador?

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