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Originally Posted by Hi Tech Exotic View Post
Based on your description, it looks like you have a rebuilt clutch that was not set up or calibrated correctly in the rebuilt process. One of the symptoms that you mentioned was that it wouldn't go in reverse. That's a direct result of not setting up the clearance correctly in the rebuilt process.

PIS is your engagement bite. You can try adjusting your PIS but if it was not set up correctly, PIS won't help. You can think of an engine that's been rebuild incorrectly. You can try to tune the engine but it won't work because the rebuilt was not done correctly.

We have a few different Kevlar clutch models that last 200-350% longer than a stock clutch. You can read about our happy customers at this 45 page thread.
Like I say in my post the reverse not working was resolved after I went to the workshop again. I wen to get the car and it would engage ok, and the clutch was smooth like it should, but after around 100km it started slipping, went to the shop again, now reverse is continuing to engage ok but the clutch is "bumping" hard" again. Might it really only be springs?