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Default Gallardo 2004 clutch problem egear

I’m going to explain my problem to see if you can figure out what the solution is.

I have a dealership and received a gallardo that had replaced clutch recently (actually it was the original used clutch but remade with new materials), and it had a problem that in low speeds (0kmh-10kmh) it would behave improperly like giving it just a little acceleration would make a hard acceleration and sometimes it was so agressive the engine would die. If the car was fully stopped and I pressed the accelerator, it would just do a hard “bump” like trying to start a manual car with a gear engaged and not pressing the clutch pedal (my gallardo is egear by the way).

I had the clutch removed and remade in a local shop, when I was going to leave the workshop the clutch started slipping. They redid the job again, I left the workshop everything seemed fine, but when I arrived home the reverse wouldn’t engage. I went to the shop again, and this time when I went to get it the car was running smoothly like it should. After around 100km, the clutch started slipping again. I took it to the workshop again, now when I got the car, the clutch is “hard” again, making the aggressive bumps it did before although the engine now doesn't die (although I didn't test it enough), which makes it really hard to for example park as you give a little acceleration and the car just goes like a meter making it hard to drive in low speeds.

From my description what do you think the problem might be? Is it the clutch or another part of the clutch? Do you think buying a used clutched from ebay since it's a used car and it's for sale, and putting the used clutch it would solve the problem?

Thank you