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Originally Posted by robgreg75 View Post
Why did you drive to get a remote programmed? Mine learn with just holding both buttons for 5 seconds after the key is turned on.

Also did you research Audi failures on this as I suggested?
Whole new key, pointy bit needed to talk to ECU/immobilizer is my understanding. Other threads on this forum suggested it was a dealer-only deal. I let a local key wizard take a crack at it, but it wasn't picking up what he was putting down so took a drive just to be done with it.

I have been digging for Audi information. I'm still pursuing that, although it's a bit like WebMD. It ranges from "oil is dirty, or wrong viscosity" (I just changed it with synthetic 5w-40 for "normal climate" as per manual). To your timing chain is F'd (Audi A4 in particular). With somewhere in between being cam position sensors, faulty ECU, generic "wiring issues", etc.

Nothing has jumped out symptomatically to trigger me to change anything else or go digging with a multimeter. Maybe I can find some way to log the timing assuming I can make the error replicate on demand.
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