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Originally Posted by ULTIMATEPD View Post
I saw it.

I think what they are doing is turning off the haldex pump remotely so no pressure is built up in the front difference to engage the clutches.
Yes I was thinking this as well. Iím just wondering what fault codes this can cause and what more systems it will affect. I think if you pull the fuse to the differential you wont have ABS or any stability programs. I donít think there is an LSD in the regular Huracan and R8 like in the ones with RWD. The ĒdiffĒ works with the ABS and the car brakes the inner wheel if itís spinning faster than the outer.
Thatís what Iíve been told of the same mechanics that built Jon Olsonís old supercharged Huracan.

Does anyone here know if itís right or how you can do this?
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