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Default Second year Service

I'm at 18k miles and am going in for my second year service.
I had a few questions.
So it says spark plugs should be changed every 2 years (or 18k miles, whichever comes first). However, it's optional this time around. The manual says it's only recommended if the car has been operated on dusty roads or in abnormal driving conditions. All things considered, I don't drive the car that hard. Most of the miles are highway miles also. I've never heard of a car needing spark plugs changed so frequently (I've only owned it for 1.4 years).
Also, it recommends a brake fluid flush every 2 years. Is it necessary to do it so frequently? Again, not really braking too aggressively. I get that it's an exotic car, but the oil filter has a VW logo on it for godsakes!
That being said, is there anything you folks recommend I do get done?
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