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I just recently bought an ‘06 and twice now, a bit more than 1 week apart, it has thrown CEL with codes 1366 and 1368, which is intake VVT on banks 1 & 2 respectively.

First time it happened, it went away the next AM, and my performance shop put it on the real-time computer and everything looked spot on, so we dismissed the codes as phantom.

After that, I drove the car to Vegas and back (4 hours each way through desert & mountain 90+ heat) and not a hint of trouble.

Almost exactly 1 week later, on the same uphill road, the car did exactly the same thing. After confirming the codes were the same, I cleared them myself last night, and today no issues.

I had done a little research the first time it happened and I found a couple others who had posted that “ghost codes” like this can happen now and then.
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