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Default '04 Gallardo VVT Valve Issue? Common? Other things to test?

Earlier this year I bought/rescued an '04 6speed Gallardo (something I've wanted since they came out, well before I had the means to pursue one) and have been catching it up on some deferred maintenance and generally trying to put things back right from being "lambro-ed" a bit. After an entertaining start, I'm down to about 3 warnings: marker lights, brake wear warning, and a CEL for what I think translates to the intake VVT misbehaving.

The codes point to the intake side VVT valves on both banks. Is this a common issue? Are there any things I should test before just throwing parts at it? I have the shop manual but it is, how you say, "useless" with respect to troubleshooting flow. lol. I've been spoiled with Honda/Acura literature.

Thanks in advance, I've lurked these forums for years and there is a wealth of knowledge here.
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