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Originally Posted by sgfreak96 View Post
Hey how is the activewear brand going? I had a similar idea similar not too long ago, but never found a good production company to partner with. It seems like a great thing to get into, the marketing/branding aspect is really the hard part though. Have you faced challenges with that?
Hey sgfreak96!

It's going okay so far! You've definitely hit the nail on the head there about marketing and branding being difficult. The Australian activewear market is growing so rapidly and really trying to carve out our own name has proven challenging. Fortunately though, I've got a pretty epic group of friends who've been supporting the brand and that's been great. I had a little drop shipping business about a year ago supplying 4WD parts and a lot of what I learnt then, I was able to impliment into the brand.

Absolutely love your YouTube channel too! Absolutely loved your review of the Twin Turbo V10 R8. *Drools* I've just subscribed btw.

I'll shoot you a private message soon and we can chat more.

Enjoy your week mate!
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