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Originally Posted by Jimmy J View Post
Welcome to the club Koomz. I'm from Oz too! And there's a few other guys from Australia as well. Very nice story mate and well-written.

Seeing as your choice of weapon is the big mama Aventador, how about saving up for a Gallardo as your first Lamborghini? Even one of the older ones! There's a few on Carsales at the moment for under $140k.

Get your foot in the door. You'll love the G
Cheers Jimmy! It's great to meet another aussie on here!

That wouldn't be a shabby idea! I've been tracking the Pre LP Gallardo for a while now and it looks like they've held their value at about $140k for the past 2-3 years even with more millage which is epic! I've read of owners putting 15-20k km into the Gallardo and getting out of them without losing anything.

Something that's always excited me is the Gallardo Supperlegerra. There's currently 2 Pre LP SLs on carsales and start at the $220k mark and the 4 LP570 SL start at at the $270k mark. You may have seen the Verde Green 2011 570 SL for $320k on carsales which is Huracan figure which is incredible.

I'd be happy to wait a little and jumping into an SL due to how extraordinary they are. *starts drooling* I think I'd have better luck convicing the Mrs too if I pitched it as an investment.

What was your first Lamborghini?

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