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Originally Posted by Russk View Post
Welcome Koomz!
Aventador is a great choice, itís the top of the food chain.
I just bought a Subaru Crosstrek Hybrid and absolutely love it. Drive it daily and the Huracan on weekends.
Cheers Russ
Thank you for the warm welcome, Russ!

The Aventador is really one of a kind! There's a few machines out there that can make full grown men giggle like school girls. The Aventador happens to be one of them!

The Crosstek is a great little hatch! The US market were fortunate enough to get the hybrid but us Aussies were allocated just the petrol. Brilliant choice as a daily!

Back in June I decided to swallow my pride and asked my little sister if I can by her 2008 Impreza RS hatch as she had moved to Sydney and just wasn't using it. It's honestly been one of the best cars to move around town in!

By the way, I absolutely love your Blu Cepheus Huracan Spyder!

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