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Default Long time lurker, first time poster! :)

Hey all!

I joined this forum in 2017 and have been lurking through some of the threads on here and thought it's time to introduce myself!

I am from the land down under, Australia and have always had an obsession with Lamborghini. I migrated to AUS with my Dad, Mum and little sister from East Africa and remember the first time laid my eye balls on a Grigio Murcielago, crossing an intersection in Sydney CBD. For a good few seconds, my eyes were locked, heart beat rose, hands became clammy and I was completely speechless. The only thing I could utter was ‘Wow.’ That was the defining moment where I knew I wanted a Lamborghini.

I'd call myself a self-confessed car geek and have owned a hand full of vehicles since getting my licence at 17 but nothing in the prestige or exotic area of automotive. I'm now 25 and have had the privilege of owing a few Subaru’s and currently have a 13’ Jeep Wrangler CRD Turbo Diesel. Since I can remember, supercars have always left me in awe because of their performance, technology, ability to push what we know as ‘normal’ and at the same time, evoke overwhelming feelings of joy and excitement to people that experience them. I haven't met a single supercar owner who doesn't love seeing the joy that their car brings to others around them!

So naturally, I logged into this forum and became a member! What I love about this group is just the wealth of knowledge members here have! I love reading through the threads regarding the mighty Aventador and its many quirks and features or about the ferocious and illusive gated LP640 which in my books is one of the most remarkable pieces from Lamborghini.

Now, in regards to what I do... I work in the corporate sector and currently have a pinkie finger in property. What I learnt from an early age is if you want something, there's no substitute for hard work and determination. I am in the process of selling the Jeep which happens to be a dream car of mine to prioritise a few financial commitments. My work is in the IT space and launched a activewear clothing brand in Feb 19 with a goal of breaking 5 figures by the end of 2019. To achieve that, it will and has taken a lot of investment and there is much more work to do! I'm excited about the journey ahead and hope to create something that my fiancÚ (getting married in Oct) and I can share with others.

In a nutshell, my goal within this forum is to become a member that provides value through sharing info about things that I've learnt through Lamborghini (one day) ownership, forge long term friendships, learn, engage in Lamborghini related topics and really just do life with like-minded people!

Just incase you were wondering.. My choice of weapon is a Lamborghini Aventador SV in Grigio Titans but it’ll be a long journey till it’s in my possession!

Feel free to shoot me a message if you want to say hi!


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