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I have a different take on this. The bigger question here is why are you buying a Huracan and living in a questionable part of Dallas. Driving a car way above the level of all the other cars in your area is sure to draw unwanted attention. I would either move to a nice gated condo with good security and a garage or a higher end apt complex with lots of nice cars , good security and a garage. Parking at a remote garage is a royal pain. Maybe you buy an older car and live in better digs. If for example you are single and meet someone, do you want to have to stop at your garage and swap the Huracan for the Toyota on the way home ? For the money you would spend on a garage , you could upgrade the living situation. Forget what the complex tells you. Drive there at night and test the security yourself. Is the gate code 1234 or 0000. Also Drive around the back of the complex. Developers always make the front look good , look in the back. What kind of cars are parked there ? That is the single most telling sign of the type of people living there. Remember if a resident has druggie criminal friends then you may still be in danger. Really good compounds are hard to qualify for which keeps out the bad elements. Price alone is not the only qualifier. You want a tough to get in location that runs background checks, credit checks etc. Or better yet , buy a Condo or home in a nice area. Either way you will not be constantly looking over your shoulder. Also, if you have saved enough to buy one, then other residents will be more on your economic and intellectual level . Lee
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