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Originally Posted by Jason B View Post
My owl cam caught this. Again the cam texted me and I had a live view on my phone and didn’t need to keep checking my car and the camera does all the watching.

Guy is flipping out before he even comes outta the door. “God... God! man.... Dayuuum, damn, god! Looks like the batmobile...... Lamborghini, weee!”
Jesus 2033. Nice Hat.

I am torn about this because of one bad experience.... That's when I came out from dinner at a restaurant to find footprints ON MY ROOF! Whatever, not dents, just annoying that someone would show complete and utter lack of respect for something that someone else worked hard for.

Having said that; I bought this car for my own fun and excitement. There's an added element of being a hero or a celebrity, and I find enjoyment in that too. I refuse to let ignorant/inconsiderate people be a reason for me to not enjoy the car. The car is insured, and worrying about it constantly isn't worth it to me for the little marks or dings that can be fixed. Of course, it's annoying to deal with, but not worth changing what I want to do because of it.

I intentionally do park using a valet, tip the kid $20 and keep the key. It's always left right up front and the kid running valet deters anything that would have happened so far.
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