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Originally Posted by SanjaySchulz View Post
I have a black Gallardo Coupe and since I am a big fan of the anime "Initial D" I placed a decal on each side of the car and a racing stripe all across the top.
If it wasn't for the decals it would probably get no more attention than a heavily modified Mustang or Camaro.
Since I an trying to run the car at least once a week I started to take it to the gym on Sundays when the parking lot is a lot less crowded so I can always take a peek at it from the inside.
Since the car has a 6 point roll cage I also have an action cam pointed at every direction and they record the whole time I am gone which may be a deterrent once someone sees the red blinking recording light.
So far nobody has done anything stupid to it.
You should have wrapped the whole car in white, and put on the tofu store sign at the door.

(Probably only initial D fans can understand ...)
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