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Default How many of you worry about leaving the car alone in public?

Still on the hunt for a G that meets my criteria, the length of this search is starting to cause me to have some doubts.

I've always owned a practical car and a fun car. Typically the fun car is my daily and the practical car is only used for purposes like hauling, carrying a bunch of stuff from home depot, etc.

Today I parked at a store and in the back was a yellow F430. Not only an F430, but a group of 3 or 4 teenagers hovering around it. Made me think, if I daily drive a Gallardo, am I going to be able to park it without being paranoid?

Just wondering if anyone has any good or bad experiences if you often drive your car and leave it alone in public. These sorts of vehicles, even with their age, are not common in my town at all. I'm just not sure if the Gallardo is "dated" enough to still attract a ton of unwanted attention. I imagine back in the mid 2000's youd feel like a celebrity driving it, but whats it like these days? I dont mind indulging people who are interested, but its the negative attention I'm worried about.
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