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This video goes over why it's less than ideal to wash without water. My suggestion is to make sure the paint is prepped and protected properly. My go-to is Ammo Reflex coating then Ammo Skin sealant. After that point, you can easily hose the car off and wipe dry with Ammo Hydrate and you won't leave any swirls. I personally don't do this unless the paint truly is just barely dusty from sitting in the garage because it only takes a few minutes to wash it with soap and that will all but guarantee no swirls.

Another good option is Ammo Frothe.

It may seem like I have drank the 'Ammo coolaide' but it's true that his products have the scientific backing that as a recovering chemist I can appreciate. There's no fluff or BS in his products or marketing and the products simply work as advertised. Anytime you swipe across the paint with a microfiber without ample water and lubrication, you will be putting small scratches/swirls into the paint -- there's no way around that -- dust particles (dirt/rocks) are sharper and more abrasive than a clearcoat and they will cut into it. There's only so much clearcoat on a car and with cars like these I will always go the extra mile to keep as much of that original clearcoat in tact for many many decades.
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