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Originally Posted by Rooskey View Post
REKIII that is really cool! I always wanted one of those but I'm allergic to cats unfortunately
My wife is too. These have a different texture of fur and don't shed much. We've had people over to our house that are horribly allergic, without issues. We do keep our house very clean, but not ridiculously so. If you are interested, look into it some more. Might not be as big an issue as you think.

Originally Posted by Russk View Post
Very cool Rekiii! What do feed them? I was going to say what do they eat but I guess it would be whatever they want, lol.
Some hard core owners feed them an all raw diet, chicken, beef, etc, but then they have to give them vitamin supplements and what not. Since we have a young family and frankly do not have the time to do that, we get a very high end canned food recommended for them, the stuff looks better than some things I eat out of cans. They also have dry food out for whenever they want.
It's funny, the younger one is really skinny, but is hungry all the time. She'll wander the house meowing really loud until someone feeds her, outside the normal 2 feedings per day she gets even though she has access to dry food, she wants another can.

I'm not a cat guy, and I think they are pretty cool.
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