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Yellow Diablo Roadster in Envy

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I just rented Envy, the newly release DVD with Jack Black, Ben Stiller, and Christopher Walken. Mildly amusing tale of a guy (played by Jack Black) who invents a spray that makes dog **** disappear. He makes a fortune and one of his toys is a yellow Diablo roadster. Not worth renting just for the Diablo; less than a minute on screen. But a bonus if you are a Jack Black fan. Actually, Walken's over-the-top performance steals the show, as expected.

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I assume you own an Islero, and thanks for your post on that film. You may be interested in the latest Motorhead video even if you don't like Heavy Metal!

Yep, I saw the movie as well. Like you said, rent it for the Diablo Roadster not for the movie.
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