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We had the opportunity to add yet another great exotic car rental company to our list of customers. Xotic Dream Cars has one of the most impressive fleets of exotic cars and high end luxury cars that I've seen to date. As many are aware and as has been mentioned before, the exotic rental business was who we had our main sight set on when we initially designed the ECT Dual Friction™ Ceramic/Kevlar hybrid clutch assembly. Those guys need something that drives like stock for their customer but that is better prepared to tackle the mileage and abuse that a rented exotic stands to be subjected to. Well, better prepared than the past options which had been a stock clutch or a standard Kevlar model which most had been veering away from due to issues with inconsistent performance behind e-gear platforms.

Anyways, Xotic Dream Cars had just had a competitor's Kevlar clutch majorly fail. So, they were just about ready to go back to stock after the bad experience. I explained what the ECT Dual Friction clutch assembly is, how it's different, and why they should give it a shot. After all, they wouldn't be the 1st exotic rental car company to be using this very ECT clutch. So, on Wednesday, we were informed it needed to be there Thursday. We shipped it overnight, and they had it there the next morning. They made insanely quick work of the swap and already have the car back on the road! This time, the clutch is actually working as it should be. While we hate to hear of another company not delivering a quality product, we invite the opportunity to earn new business, so we're happy to have started what is sure to be a long relationship with the guys at Xotic Dream Cars (Rent a Ferrari | Rent a Lamborghini | Exotic Car Rental Miami | Luxury Car Rental New York).

Since everything was on such a crazy deadline for having the clutch there and in the car that day, we didn't get detailed photos for a traditional blog style post. You will be seeing that for their Murcielago though. Shortly after shipping them the ECT Gallardo clutch assembly, we shipped them an ECT Murcielago clutch assembly using our segmented Kevlar disc. That one will be going in later this week and at a slower pace. There will be a separate thread with some pictures throughout the swap, similar to the thread we were able to do for the ECT Kevlar Murci assembly with Fluid MotorUnion.

Anyways, in the meantime, here are a couple pictures of the Lamborghini Gallardo at Xotic that received the ECT Dual Friction™ clutch assembly and is now back cruising south Florida!

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