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EDIT: I bought one, thank you all.

I’m ready to pick up a twin turbo Gallardo now. Looking at specifically these parameters. I’ve seen practically everything out there that is publicly listed, more so looking for private stuff that hasn’t hit the market but post what ya got!

  • LP gallardo with a Stg1 kit
  • Pre-Lp gallardo with stg3 kit (Superleggera preferred)
  • Other mods are awesome and wanted
  • clean title and history only. ONLY PLEASE! I can’t do salvage or dirty carfax.
  • egear only!
  • colors, no silver. Open to anything else.

Depending on the car/price, I would trade my Gated Arancio 2004 with 13k miles for the new tt one. I also have a 1200whp Nissan GTR I can trade as partial.

I appreciate everyone’s time, thank you for viewing and look forward to the replies. Aj
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