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WTB - lp5560/550 Matte White

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Hello Everyone,

I am a noob to this forum, so hello! It has been my lifelong dream to have a Lamborghini and I love the gallardos. I have been trying to find an lp550 or 560 in matte white (factory paint - I believe it is Bianco Canopus?) with the Q (diamond) stitched interior (either alcantara or leather is fine). I have been diging around a lot this past month but have not been able to find one. Anyone know of a Gallardo out there like this for sale? I know this is fairly specific, but heck, I am trying to purchase the most expensive car I will have ever owned! ;) Coredelia rims are a plus but not a deal breaker :). I do NOT like the new look of the rear on the 2013+ 560's though. I am dreaming or do you guys think I will find this? I am flexible on MY, miles and transmission. Someone help me please!

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