I am interested in a late model EVO with low miles, would like sub 1k if possible but open to lower mileage if spec is appealing.

I have only driven spyders and living in South Florida I think that this is the car to own. I have driven cars with both sport seats and the comfort seats. I could not believe how much lower back pain I had with the comfort seats. I could not get them in a position that I was comfortable unless the top was down. Never had that issue with the sport seats. Upon further research I have found that the sport seats offer more room so maybe that is the case.

Additionally, last night I was watching a video and was surprised to learn that the coupe offers even more room than the spyder with sport seats. Admittedly, I have never been inside a coupe but I am thinking I may go rent one and test it out. I just think that living in South Florida you need to have a spyder.

Huracan Evo Spyder - possible coupe
Blu Cepheus
Sport (carbon) seats.
Mag ride
Front lift

Like I said, I am a serious buyer and ready to execute immediately upon finding the right car. I do have concerns about buying a used care with all these stories of mileage blockers and water damaged cars so I will definitely be getting a PPI done.