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This is a very rudimentary and easy DIY for anyone who notices water pooling above the frunk and below the windshield. Whatever the real word is for the four drainage ports at the base of the windshield to drain rainwater and car wash water (vents, drains, sumps?), mine were all clogged. Finally got around to it last night to soak some water on the windshield and then use high pressure air from my tire compressor to break up the clog which was really just dried puddles of mud and debris inside the top of the drain tubes. The four drainage ports are very small and easily clogged with debris including minor amounts of dust, so this is an easy DIY fix for everyone periodically.

There are four drains that go to two T’s then two drains through the bottom pan of the car roughly at the front axles. It is clear drainage tube that you can get at pretty much any hardware or auto parts store. Mine are OEM with tags present, were cloudy and ugly, but running water through them cleaned them up well, so I didn’t feel the need to replace the whole tubing system.

When you use the compressed air from the windshield drain the other windshield drain attached to that T will splatter upward. This is not a bad thing but you should catch the splatter first with a towel. At this point you now know that the top two drains connected to the T are clean. Then place your finger on one of the two drains and use compressed air on the other drain to force the air down through the bottom of the car drain tube. As needed run more water down the windshield and through those drain ports to ensure proper flow.

I suggest doing this in your driveway or not in the garage as it will make a brown watery mess under your car. I also suggest if anyone wants to replace the four drain tubes to cut the new tubes 2 to 4 inches longer than the OEM length which will avoid a kink in the tubes around the brake fluid reservoir.
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