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My reading of period authors like Rob De La Rive Box , Pasini , Dron etc all throw up different production numbers for each of the Countach variants .

1) Does anyone have definitive figures for each model variant that they would be able to stand by .
I don't mean guarantee , as this would mean having access to the factory records which are pretty impossible to get at , but rather figures for which there is some evidence .

2) How much truth is there in the stories I keep hearing about factory production number records being burnt during Megatech's tenure of Sant' Agata ?
Is there any foundation to these rumours ?

3) If so , then may we reasonably conclude that we will never find out the true production numbers for each variant , as the records were destroyed 3 decades ago ?

My apologies for asking these difficult and detailed questions , and thanks in advance
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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