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Yes, I know there were 14,200 made but let me tell you MY purchase story about 10 years ago (in $Aud).
I was looking for a Ferrari 360 spider and in a car yard I saw a Gallardo and instantly my wife said "gee I like that" and I said "yes, it's a Lamborghini Gallardo but we couldn't afford one of those". Well, the 360 was about $130K and the Gallardo was $150k. Guess which one I bought? Think of it this way: Which has more cache:
1. I own a Lamborghini Gallardo
2. I own a Ferrari 360
3. I own a Porsche 997
4. I own a McLaren MP12C

I honestly think that when you are looking at the BOTTOM of this lot (remember $130k was my TOP price, originally), then how can you go past the V10? Now that Lambo has stopping V10's?
Do any of the above 3 look better? Sound better (with the right exhaust, decatted? Cost less to own/run? Are more reliable (after 1st clutch changed in Gallardo)? Have more prestige?

So what I'm saying is this, when compared it's near cost competitors (don't even think EV's!), I think it will go up in price (especially gated) and will always be a crowd favorite - IN THAT PRICE RANGE. Just my 2 cents.

PS When I bought my AV, I kept on 04 Gallardo (as an investment, I doubt it will go down) and is still a great driving car!
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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