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The ones that are on the Murci now are too old,
and have stiffened after use.

Also going to take the Murci to track day in 2 months,
so I'm gonna change the tires.

Any tires you guys recommend (that fits the Murci's wheels)?
The stock sizes are 245/35/18 and 335/30/18.

Don't seem like I can find a tire that is up to my standard.
The only ones I can find are the stock P-Zero Rosso,
Kumho Ecsta V700 and Michelin Pilot Sport.

Any other choices? No slick tires please, which means no R3S04 please :D

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I dont show the Kuhmo available in matching tires - i think your wrong about those but the Michilen and Pirelli are both out there - its hard to say i have had both brands on my modena and have the pirelli on my murci i think they are pretty close - unless you are maxing out i dont know if you would feel a difference between them but maybe someone else in the forum does i would love to know!
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