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Which is the best cylinder head gasket at the moment?

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Which is the best cylinder head gasket at the moment for the Urraco concerning quality and price??
Any recommendations?
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I know there are the original gasket with the lambo logo and there are several manufacturers like Cometic from the US, Sangalli from Italy, Wolf Dichtungen from Austria and sure many others. Even Eurospares sells 2 different gaskets, one is the original part, which probably is also produced by some of these companies ...but which one? The material says G4193, obviously a commonly ised head gasket material? one of my old ones is a Victor Reinz AFM 22, which is provided in different thicknesses 0,75 mm/1,00 mm/1,10 mm/1,20 mm/1,30 mm/1,40 mm/1,50 mm/1,60 mm/1,80 mm/2,00 mm. So I guess I will be measuring the volume of the combustion chamber to know which compression rate I have currently. Any idea how to do that the best way with the engine still in the drive train?
I heard that Cometic from USA and Sangalli from Italy are supposed to be good
I talked to Cometic and they told me that their gaskets are NOT recommende to be used with cylinder liner protrusion, they might not compress evenly and result in a coolant leak. So I wonder how many of the people who use the Cometic have faced that issue?
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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