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Where to purchase 6.0

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I mentioned in my other post that I was interested in a Diablo 6.0. I aslo mentioned that I lived in Vancouver, BC Canada.

Now I was wondering, where should I go to purchase used 6.0's. Should I purchase them here in Canada, or get them for the US. It seems the US have better prices.

Last questions is where can I go to get my Diablo serviced? I know there is a Lambo dealership in downtown Vancouver and one by the island I think. I know Lambos are expensive to maintain, but these people charge a arm and a leg for repairs and tune ups.
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I would encourage you to contact Roy. My sense is that both of you will one day need parts for 6.0 Diablo. Given your close proximity to Seattle, perhaps the two of you might discuss co-ownership of my car. Roy can give you the deatils.
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