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Where to install a radar detector on a G car?

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Apologies if this has been addressed before, but a search on the archives didn't come up with anything. Has anyone tried to install a radar detector (I have a V1) on a Gallardo? The cigarette lighter is way in the back of the cabin, which makes it a) difficult to reach the detector without an extension cord and b) really ugly to have a wire running down the middle of the interior. Any suggestions on how to do this better, or if anyone has tried to wire it directly into the car? Thanks.
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I have a V1 and the detector simply needs to be high and with unobstructed views through the front and rear windows to function properly. I thought about trying to mount it in a really clever way, but I switch the V1 from car to car, so it needed to be easily removed.

Anyway, I use the suction cup mount high and just to the right of the rearview mirror. I draw power from the passenger footwell fuse block and run the hardwire cord up from there, under the passenger A-pillar molding, and underneath the headliner. You don't need to drop the headliner, just gently tuck the wiring inder the front of it along the windshield. The A-pillar molding just pops off, but the top "christmas tree" is very tenatious and may pull off the molding completely and have to be glued back on - no big deal in the latter case. You will want to use a coathanger to snake from the top of the dash (WAY forward where the A-pillar goes) to the fuse block area in the passenger footwell. First time I did this, it took me 3 hours so as to avoid butchering the car. Now I can do in in under and hour.
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