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Where did I go wrong? (Cluster Overlay)

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I installed a white Gallardo superleggera overlay and the RPMs and MPH are good.

The Temp and Gas go all the way down pass the 0 mark when car is off.

When on, the temp gauge works but the GAS gauge needle does not move pass the exact point of gas in tank.

I know because I have filled up tank, removed cluster and adjusted gas needle and goes all the way to full..ETC..

Drove around and when I parked I removed cluster again, adjusted needle and shows 1/2 way as it suppose to now.

The gas needle isn't moving up or down when driving. Just showing the amount of gas car has.

No, the needle is not touching the overlay.

Anyone know what seems to be wrong?

This is the temp gauge. It works, just needle goes all the way down when car is off. (Gas needle does the same)

This is the gas gauge needle that won't move to show when I'm wasting gas or adding gas.

This is it when car is on. (it won't move pass the actual point of the exact gas in tank)
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When I did my change, I remember there being some stops on some of the needles. I was REALLY careful and took lots of pre-pics and put the needles back on how I found them.

Other than that, I've got nothing.
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