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Where can I get a silver hood crest for my Gallardo?

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Lambo makes a keychain with a silver crest as opposed to gold - just bought one and wanted the matching hood crest...
Also need some clear side markeers??
What baout the turn lens in the main headlight? any white ones? yellow SUX
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As far as I know Lamborghini does not make a silver a Raging Bull Badge. You could easily buy one and have it electro-plated silver if you really want to. I would be interested to see how it looks on the car.
I thought about a silver hood crest myself a few days ago when I realized that my exisisting crest is the only gold thing on my car. A silver one would be sweet.
i was just examining my crest this evening because there was some lint from the cloth i was using to wash it. i noticed that the actual bull is not very securely mounted onto the crest. it jiggles slightly when you push at it. plus, the crest mount is cheap plastic. i must say, there are a number of little quality things like this i've noticed on the G car. someone mentioned that there is just too much plastic in the engine bay, which is also true.
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