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When are Murcy Roadsters In ?

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Any dealers have updates on when Murcy Roadsters are in?

Or have some been delivered?

Weren't they supposed to be here by now?
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Lambo Dallas is showing off one Saturday, I was hoping to 'LEAD FOOT IT" down there, now this weather is acting up. Might have to take civilian vehical. :mad:
Lamborghini Zürich said the first Roadster will be delivered in Novmeber to the customers.
There is a black one in N. Miami at Prestige. It looked very nice but had a small ding on the drivers door. They said it was going to be used in a movie down there. This car may have been at the "Running of the Bulls" event also.
spoke to a dealer yesterday their first roadster is due to be shipped any time (by the end of October) the car should arrive end of November first of December.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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