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What to look for in a 1995 Diablo VT

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Hello all, and Hello JRV.
Boy this site has grown. :)
Congrats to all.

I'm in the market for a Diablo VT. I currently own a '89 Countach, that has been very reliable, no issues in the past year.

Re. the VT's, I'm curious as to what weak links the car has, and what to look for before buying. Specifically the 1995 model year.

Any and all help is much appreciated and considered very valuable.

Thanks in advance.
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Thank you JohntMccann and Lambo vt, this information is priceless.

I am specifically looking at a '95 VT, and the whether or not it comes with these issues addressed, I will be sure to address them after that fact even, as they seem very important to sort out.

I am compiling a list of potential issues.

Thank you.
Thanks for the info Eric.

Does it scare me ? Well, not too bad. But it is alot more problems than I have had with my Countach.

Very good info.
1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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