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Hi all,

does anyone know what’s the produced voltage range of the coils for a 07 Gallardo ? I tried search but couldn’t find what I was after.

what is the latest and strongest coil pack for Pre LP also ?

the reason I’m asking goes back to my curiosity about different spark plug gaps and using the NGK PRF7G-11S ( for S2000) versus PRF7G which is for Gallardo.

11S gapped at 1.1mm and other at .8mm which is factory spec.

I found a formula to calculate how much voltage is required for a larger gap
Voltage = Gap ( in centimetres ) x 30,000

2400v for factory spec .8mm gap
3300v for 11S variant at 1.1mm

so now I want to see if the coils can produce the required extra voltage in a safe manner or they are overloaded and passed their safe threshold .

this could settle many debates about which is the right plug for various gallardos
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