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What do you guys think of this POS

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What a POS this guy is. “Rezdoc” just bought two front suspension assembles from Miamimelissa not even three weeks ago for $455 and now he has separated all the parts and put them back up for sale! The total value of the parts as he lists them for sale is now over $2,700 and that is if you win the opening bid. It is well over $3,500 if you use the buy it now feature!

What an [email protected]#[email protected] this guy is! I have to say I have bought some things just incase, because I do not want to have to buy them later from Rezdoc.

What does everyone think about writing to Melissa and trying to get this guy banned from any more of her auctions? I think this is long over due. I spoke to her last month and she cannot stand him either. He always wants a cheaper price and a break on shipping, then he turns around and sells everything for a huge markup1

Let me know what you think.

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The reason I even brought htis up is because Linda, Melissa's sister, who is at Nastasi Racing, brought it up to me.

As for what they have left, not much in the way Jalpa stuff. they do have some stuff, a fair amount of Countach stuff, a good amount of Miura stuff, and a lot of LM stuff.

Linda told me how they tried to sell everything to two different people for $10,000 total, but they did not want it. Nastasi was then going to through every thing out, but Linda convinced him to sell the stuff on ebay. I think between Doug Grant and myself we have spent about $5,000 alone.

He through out a complete set of Jalpa wheels about nine months ago because they did not sell the first time!

We can try to make an offer, but the LM and miura parts are all ready sold. so it would be the Jalpa and Countach parts.

They had some bearings, some chains, random stuff mostly.

We can try they are very nice.

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