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Weird squeak/whine

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Hi there, new owner of a 2014 Aventador Coupe here (with about 5k miles). There'll be a proper intro thread too, but it's a weekend, all the shops are closed in this part of the world and I have a weird issue and I was hoping to see if someone else had a similar experience:

During/shortly after braking to a slower speed (say to 15-30 mph) there's an intermittent squeak/whine. The location is a bit difficult to place precisely, but it _seems_ to be coming from the rear left. It's not a loud noise and it is only intermittent. It also sometimes pipes up when taking a sharp turn. It never happens during standing still (no matter the revs) or when going faster and straight without braking.

I've thought about the diff or maybe a belt, but none of it seems to make sense given the behavior. The car is pretty much perfect otherwise...

I'll do the obvious right thing and bring the car for service on Monday, but would like to make use of the good weather in the mean time and the noise worries me a bit.
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Have you checked the rear body panels? Our friends' A had this problem - bolt got loose and one of the body panels under the engine got free - more profound at low speeds.
Thanks for the tip - had the car checked in the garage. Apparently there are a number of things that can cause this, amongst others it can be a loose bolt as you write, or even a belt being on it's last legs.

Turns out the carbon brakes needed some break-in. I did a few spirited laps around the local twisties in the hills and all seems to be well now :D
Good to hear it is doing well! Yeah maybe after the run in have a look at a brake pad and rotor distance set up for more spirited driving. :p

Make sure you have it inspected by the dealer after a couple of miles though to make sure that there is appropriate contact. There is a new update to the brake pad as well as the ducts that was done to our car - make sure the dealer has done these updates if you are in the Asia region.
A belt on its last legs on a 2 year old car? Quite unlikely.

Excellent that you got it straightened out!
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