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I am looking for chrome/inox rear and front bumpers for my 1973 Urraco 250.
Need windscreen, chrome parts and rubber seals around windscreen and above side windows.
Also looking for an exhaust with doube-end pipes and good sound and a rustfree right door.
Thank you for any help or useful advice....

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Urraco parts

How much of the exhaust - rear muffler and tips only? I may have an Ansa unit, have to take a look.

Where are you located? There are options out there for parts, if you dig and are patient. For a new exhaust system try contacting Stebro Stebro Stainless Steel Exhaust Systems. Keep in mind that several folks on this forum (and others) have purchased stainless steel systems from Stebro at a substantial discount off list - negotiate AND watch for their listings on eBay. I've heard the systems take a little bit of tweaking to fit, but I personally don't consider that too unusual given the way the factory sourced parts/built cars over the years. I haven't heard of anything an experienced exhaust shop couldn't handle pretty easily. Last person I know of who bought one was Baron Munchausen on this forum, you might ask him about his experience. He's had a tough time w/ his car on all fronts though ...

As far as the sort of parts you are looking for in general, GT Car Parts in the States (623-780-2200) might have some you could recondition. I doubt it since of late they have paired down things Lamborghini, but its worth asking. Dave is the Urraco guy, ask for him and tell him I sent you. I'm sure they will have other parts you will need down the line. If you are not familiar w/ them you might let Dave know what you are doing and see what he thinks he can help w/ when the time comes. I am treating this like a new owner question - you may not be, my apologies.

In Europe (or from the States), I would contact Eurospares they break cars and will say they'll find almost anything on their site - a nice bit of it they will find if you are patient :D Another nice source for parts in general.

I have a feeling for the bumpers and other bits you mentioned, you are going to end up restoring what you find anyway and the parts are not going to be cheap to purchase. How bad are what you have?

A few other places to try:

- Ultimate Motor in Florida purchased a big stash of parts from a retiring seller in the business a few years back Ultimate Motor Works Bentley Rolls Royce Lamborghini Orlando Automobile Dealership. You may ask them.

- For Rubber bits, try eBay seller misterfiat eBay My World - misterfiat. You might also try Jacques at Maserati Source, although I don't know if Jacques has Urraco rubber. eBay My World - maseratisource

- Michael at Michael <[email protected]> or Michael <[email protected]>; was parting out several Urracos a few years back. He might still have something for you.

- Ralph Selian, eBay seller LineaVeloce [email protected] was advertising a pair of NOS bumpers a few years ago. He wanted a 'pretty penny' for them. They may not have sold.

- You could ask Twicebaked if he is going to keep parts from his Urraco project :) If he had them w/ his car ...

If you are more specific on the chrome bits you need, we might be able to fill you in on crosses. Door handles are X 1/9 for example if memory serves ... A lot of the surrounds were stainless which (again) you might find you can polish out/restore ...


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