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Hi, I have bought a few exotic cars in the past needing work and enjoy taking my time, with low overhead to return them to their former glory. So if you or anyone you know wrecked his/her exotic car I would love the opportunity to make a strong offer on it.

Maybe it was in an accident on the track, or a lapse of insurance, or you just don't want to file a claim. Or if your car was totaled by insurance, ask them for the buyback price and I will make it worth it for you.

Please private message me with a car of your own or leads are welcome too (finder's compensated). I am super easy to work with. I much prefer this route versus the salvage auctions because the forklifts that they use to move the cars on the lot do a lot of damage, parts go missing, and it takes longer.

Please directly message me with the car, damage, and asking price!

Thank you!
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