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Want To Buy Murci 2004 -2006

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I live in Jacksonville, FL and I am looking to buy a Murci. I would love a brand new one, but then I would love a house on the beach too, but I have to live within my budget - I have owned two different Countaches, and buying a Lambo is just the start of expenses, there are expenses that suddenly pop up like tires, valve adjustments, etc.

So I have set aside enough cash to buy a good, used 2004 to 2006 Murci. That is a very wide range in market value, I know, however, I am being flexible. I like the roadster, but I live in Florida, and the sun is very intense. So I will be happy with either a coupe or a roadster, I am flexible and I do not have to have this or that.

I am in no rush, I hunted for 9 months for my last Countach (Iacocca's Anniversary car), so if the price is not right or the car is not in good condition, then I have no problem waiting.

Price range is ca$h, using NADA pricing: 5% less than "NADA Average Retail" (no additions or subtractions for milee or accessories) Having bought and later sold my Lambos, I know that the price many ask for or expect (including me, when I tried to sell my cars) is greatly inflated over reality. I have cash, and in this economy paying just below Average Retail is very fair, and using an objective published price keeps me from getting emotional and over paying for a car.

So if any one is interested, NADA Average Retail Value less 5% for a 2004 to 2006 Murci, I am interested.

Thank you.
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My hunt has gone slow, many of the cars being sold have "problems" so I do not jump after a problem. I have lots of time, the longer it takes, the lower the prices go!

And if there is a good deal on a good car, I have the cash and I am ready to buy ASAP!
Easy import back, I've seen this car briefly as you can tell from my posts, if you want I can take an unbiased look in person for you.
Thank you Iceman for your offer, but I prefer a newer model, the 2005 to 2006 cars. A 2002 model would have to be priced at 5% below 108,000 to even be considered by me, I am serious about NADA value, and what someone adds, that is their taste, not mine, hence not of value or additional price to me, e.g. kevlar clutch. I want to keep in the 2005 to 2006 model year and use flat NADA average retail less 5%. So if anyone has a car within those guidelines, I am very interested, and I have cash, I do not need a loan!
Thank you, I am sure it is a great car. However, I am seeking either a 2005 or a 2006. A 2003 is too far outside of my range.
Just curious, you won't take consideration the condition of the car? Out are you specifically looking at a car that's in average condition as well?..meaning paint not perfect, some wear on the seats and interior etc?

I always thought the car condition and maintenance history changed the price of a vehicle significantly.

Condition of the car is # 1. I owened many super cars, and I like everyone felt my car was "top value." In reality, all cars except the show cars are "average cars." One can say as one wishes, but reality is that way. I know of a 2006 roadster, it has less than 500 miles on it. No modifications, stock. That is a high value car, and it is worth $190,000. A 2005 with 8006 miles is in the average category, and 15,000 miles is considered "low." I seek a car that one is willing to sell for NADA average retail less 5. Simple, cash purchase, no haggling no games. A 6 speed is better on the clutch, but after 2006, you never see them again. Hence, for valuation purposes, since I may some day want to sell this car and buy another, a 6 speed is much harder to re-sell. I prefer a 6 speed, but I am always thinking ahead, hence your 6 speed is a negative from the start for me.

Interior wear, paint chips, etc, that makes a car a "low" value car, and it would simply not be considered by me or by a dealer. Yes the condition matters, but it does not make your car jump up in value - instead it makes it in the door having average value! Try selling your car to a dealer and you will find that out very quickly, I sure did, and it taught me to be a smart buyer.

All those ebay prces? How many sold at those prices? I know of only one in 5 months, and it was sold in dealers auction to another dealer for 44,000 less than is currently asked!

I am a tax lawyer, and it is my job to think ahead and to focus on the dollars!

And not only "condition" determines value, but also modifications. If I buy a car Murci and then remove the exhaust and put a $18,000 exhaust on it, then what happened? Most people wrongly think that increases the value of the car and on re-sale the buy should pay more $$$ for it. WRONG! That is the then owner's taste, not mine, and I would not waste $18,000 that way, and neither would I pay more for that addition. In fact, that "addition" hurt the car, it is no longer stock, and it would cost the buyer $$$ to put an original exhaust on it. Any modifcation away from stock hurts the re-sale price, it never increases the value of a car!

New clutch etc sounds good, but it also scares me, meaning how was the car driven to eat the clutch?

As for the years I picked, again that is the tax attorney in me. My budget for this purchase does not allow me to spend in the $200,000 range. I have a figure, a range that I have computed to be in my budget. The 2005 is on the low end and the 2007 is on the top end. I have grown bored of waiting, so I bought a 2010 ghost. Yep, a big hunk of metal, but darn it is fast, and I got it for $189,000 with 9,400 miles and a warranty. Cash worked wonders with the seller, and it is a great "drive to work car." I still seek a murci, but I am in no mad rush to part with my money unless the price is NADA less 5% of average retail.

I can wait and buy other toys, I have my fixed wing license but I am looking at a two place copter, if the price is right. So my answer is, that I know what is a fair price and I have a price range that I seek, but I am not in a rush since there are so many toys waiting to be enjoyed.
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