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VT Window motor / Orig stereo/CD FOR SALE

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Hey ALl..

I need some quick cash so cleaning out my garage and liquidating some items (sorry few are Lambo items).

One VT window motor in excellent shape (it was my regulator that was broke but sold as a unit).. no reasonable offer refused ..PM
original Alpine stereo and CD player.. no reasonable offer refused.. PM me

OEM vent hose for alternator .. NROR.. PM me..

I may find some others . thats all for now ..
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These are still avail .... Anyone in need???
What is the name of the Alpine stereo unit?
Hi there ...i'm away on vacay this week, and I don't have remote access to the pics...can't recall the model number but it was the factory installed alpine cassette in the 94 VTs... If yer interested PM me and ill CHK and send pics when I get home... Cheers and thanks...
Espritville, I’m very interested in the Cd and stereo but for the life of me can’t find where the new PM area is?!?
Hey me neither as I always have trouble logging in here so how bout direct email...I'll disguise it so no.spam bots get it....
It is esprit aville (one word no space .. as in the Lotus car and Margaritaville) at Yah00 dot comm
Email me direct and I'll give you my cell so we can chat arrange and exchange pics if you want...
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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