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VIDEO: Proper LP Oil Change Instructions – Seven Drain Points.

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After a long wait, I've finally finished editing and uploading the video showing
the proper oil change process for the LP Gallardo.

Plot Twist: In a nice bit of foreshadowing, the thumbnail for the video gives
you a nice glimpse of the DEI Reflect-A-Gold heat "wrap" I've put on the
air induction system to get rid of heatsoak-- the topic of an upcoming video!

Anyway: Don't let the seven drain plugs scare you. It's actually a very easy
oil change – only takes about an hour and a half if you have the right tools.

Speaking of which:

Gallardo 5.2L: ~9L Required Per Change.
-Motor Oil – OEM (VW 504/507 Spec): Castrol Edge Professional LL03
-Motor Oil – High Performance: Motul 300V 5w-30
-Oil Filter – OEM: VW/Audi Oil Filter #079198405E
-Pre-Oil Change Treatment: Seafoam SF-16 Motor Treatment

Non-Standard Required Tools:
-LP 5.2L Oil Filter Removal: Tekton 1-1/4" Socket
-Fluid Draining (All Models): XZN/Triple Square Metric Bit Set

Let me know if you have any questions!

PS- I am actually thinner than in the video. The seatbelt makes me look like I
have a gut. Then again, who cares, I'm in a Lamborghini. :wave:
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Yeah I forgot to note to replace them. But they should be replaced.
If you want you can, it's probably even better. However the way the filter is I'd say it was probably a cup at most of oil. There is more left in the lines and whatnot after the change.
Haha yes my car is wrapped! I'm very happy with the shade of blue. It stands out without standing out too much, if that makes sense.
I read here somewhere that people are using seafoam prior to oil change (1 bottle to oil and then drive like 100 miles and them change oil) what do you guys think about that
That's literally in my video... lol.
1 - 5 of 45 Posts
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