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VF Engineering's 2022 Black Friday SALE! | 20% off Performance Tunes | 10% Off Supercharger Kits

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It's that time of year again, give yourself the gift of speed this Holiday Season with a VF Engineering Performance ECU Tune or one of our iconic V10 Supercharger Kits!

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VF8XX Supercharger System for Huracan STO - $39,995 $35,995.50
VF8XX Supercharger System for Huracan Performante/EVO - $36,995 $33,295.50
VF800 Supercharger System for Huracan LP610/580 - $29,995 $26,995.50

Performante ECU Tuning for Huracan STO - $2,995 $2,396
Performance ECU Tuning for Huracan Performante/EVO - $2,495 $1,996
Performance ECU Tuning for Huracan LP610/580 - $1,995 $1,596

>> Place Your Order HERE! <<

Place an order online or call into our office line to make payment! Use the discount codes in the ads above on our website to get your discounted pricing. The codes are only valid through the weekend, and while supplies last for supercharger kits. A $5,000 deposit is all that's needed to lock in your order at the discounted price.

Price Increase for supercharger kits on December 1st, 2022!

For the first time since we debuted the kit, we will be raising the price of our V10 Supercharger Kits on December 1st of this year. If you've been waiting for the right time to pull the trigger and place an order, this weekend is the BEST time to buy. It will be the lowest price our kits are ever again!
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We've had such a great Black Friday sale so far, looking forward to seeing all the new VF tuned/supercharged Huracans that will soon be out on the streets!

We have a few Huracan supercharger kits left in-stock, get your deposit in soon before we're out!
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