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VF Engineering Titanium Valved Exhaust

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Just got done installing the exhaust. Flawless install. Gorgeous. A bit of work getting to the exhaust but not too bad at all. Just some time. Nothing too hard馃ザ馃幆馃挴huge shout out to VF for the exhaust and support with install!! 馃檹馃徎

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And oh boy, the sound is amazing. I didn鈥檛 know what to expect from the sound, I am pleasantly surprised. Very crisp, nice crackles and pops. Sounds amazing
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Can we get some sound / video clips of this thing ? I heard that it also requires the tune to be purchased?
I am not sure about that, that may be so, I have no idea. I know back in the day we could put exhaust on anything without a tune, not sure about these newer cars, I鈥檒l put up a sound clip
I do know getting to the exhaust is a lot of work. It鈥檚 no joke, it鈥檚 actually one of the more difficult exhaust I have ever had to get access to, nothing bad or too complex to work thru, just a lot of time. You need to remove so many things to to open up that back end to get the stock exhaust out. A bit much for the average DIY I would say. But the terrific fitment and ease of install with the VF made up for the hassle to get access
I can鈥檛 figure out how to post video clips here, lol only photos
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