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For those of you that want to uncork your Urus without needing a module or an ECU Tune to keep the CEL off. Hand made by our talented welder/fabricators at our facility in Canada. We have been working with our catalyst supplier for several years. High HP applications require extreme durability, and their QC processes such as including heat and extrusion testing impressed us from the outset. After initially testing the cores we utilized on other models like McLaren 720 we discovered they would not pass emissions on the Urus. In collaboration with our supplier we created a core design and size that allows the Urus to be uncorked and releases some power and sound, all without triggering catalyst efficiency warnings.

Lamborghini Urus 300 Cell Euro 6 Compliant Sport Catalyst Downpipes - Velocity Automotive Performance

Some pics from a set we shipped this week, courtesy of the boys in the fab shop:

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